Increibles fotografías del artista Joerg Duesterwald

Working Art is a series of pictures by artist Joerg Duesterwald and photographer Tschiponnique Skupin. They show occupations with the artistic imagery of body painting. In the creative process real company and authentic locations are integrated to create a symbiosis between work and art. Here a photo-shoot with model Lara as a solar cell and Tesla Electric Car Driver Lutz in a meadow near the forest in Hamelin-Holtensen. Featuring: Atmosphere Where: Hameln-Holtensen, Lower Saxony, Germany When: 07 Oct 2015 Credit: Tschiponnique Skupin/Future Image/ **Not available for publication in Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia**

Fotografías de arte del artista Joerg Duesterwald y del fotógrafo Tschiponnique Skupin en Lower Saxony, Alemania.